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Used PreSonus Bluemax & Acoustic-Q Tube Preamp Combo

Excellent condition. Includes power supplies for both units.

The BlueMAX is the world's first affordable stereo analog compressor with preset compression curves tailored for a variety of individual instrument and vocal applications. There is a 'manual' mode that allows control over parameters like attack, release, and ratio. The BlueMAX also features full metering over gain reduction and input/output levels plus a sidechain insert jack for spectral processing. The BlueMAX is truly the easiest way to get world-class dynamics control for any recording or live sound application.

The Acousti-Q is the first affordable tube-based preamp/blender for acoustic instruments. The Acousti-Q is the perfect solution for acoustic musicians wanting to bring their personal style and sound to new heights! The Acousti-Q gives you the choice to use a single (piezo pick-up) or dual (piezo pick-up & mini-internal microphones) source. With two sources, you can blend the two signals to achieve the perfect mix. Guitars, woodwinds, basses, brass instruments - virtually any acoustic instrument can benefit from the warm tube sound of the Acousti-Q.

The Acousti-Q employs two dual-servo preamplifiers with separate gain controls for input, a phase switch, a 12V phantom power supply to accommodate miniature, internal condenser microphones, a variable notch filter and sweepable mid-band EQ, as well as low and high-shelving EQ controls. The master output section gives you the ability to set two separate volumes, one for normal volume, and the other, a boost, for solo playing.