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Ukulele from Scratch


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Ukulele from Scratch

What every beginner needs to know to get up and playing as soon as possible, plus somewhere to go after that.  Learn how to tune your uke and to strum some simple chords from our favorite Chord Families: C, G, F, D and A. Plenty of familiar song examples, as well as referrals to classic songs on You Tube.  Once you've exhausted all the play-along songbooks and web sites that are available, this book will lead you into the realm of Comprehension.

There is fingerpicking (including Travis-picking), Twelve Bar blues, cool chords around the neck, some useful scales and an explanation of the Minor Keys. There's no need to read music, and there is just enough music theory to help make you a better player, including the demystification of the Circle of Fifths.