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The Way Music Works

Includes 12 basic lessons + 3 hours of video!

Acoustic Guitar contributing writer Getchen Menn teaches twelve lessons on the basics of music theory. You'll find everything guitarists need to know to identify the notes on the staff and where they fall on the fretboard, understand rhythmic notation, build scales and chords, and more – the tools that make it easier to learn and understand music!

Melodically Speaking:

• Name the pitches on the fretboard and staff

• Build and play major and minor scales

• Understand key signatures

Rhythmic Concepts:

• Interpret basic note and rest values

• Decode time signatures

• Feel triplets

• Play rhythms in context

• Harmonic Concepts:

• Identify intervals

• Build triads

• Construct seventh chords

• Create chord progressions.

Videos are accessed online using the unique code inside the book and can be streamed or downloaded.