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Crosby, Stills & Nash Trio of Signature Martin Guitars


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Crosby, Stills & Nash Trio of Signature Martin guitars
Martin Crosby, Stills, & Nash signature Martin guitar trio:  David Crosby, Stephen Stills, & Graham Nash. They are limited edition models in virtually unplayed condition and are all original, right down to the strings. All instruments come with original paperwork. They were purchased new by Richard and left in their cases only to be brought out for special occasions.

David Crosby model:
2002 David Crosby D-18DC Signature Edition
#187/250 and has a label inside the sound hole stating this along with Crosby's & CF Martin IV's handwritten signature. It has an Engelmann spruce top, quilted mahogany back/sides, scalloped braces, tortoise binding, sailing ship peghead inlay & Crosby's signature inlaid in pearl at the 12th fret.

Stephen Stills modei:
1999 Limited Edition D-45 SS Stephen Stills Signature Model
#49/91 and has a label inside signed by Stephen Stills and CF Martin IV stating this. Fun fact: there were 91 original D-45s made back in the day. This model is based on Stills' 1939 D-45 and has a European Alpine spruce top, BRAZILIAN rosewood back/sides/peghead veneer, abalone trim EVERYWHERE, "Southern Cross" star inlay on the pickguard, ebony fingerboard/bridge, abalone hexagonal fretboard inlay, Stills' signature inalyed in pearl on the fingerboard covering the last three frets position. This is the one that willl draw the most attention because it is basically a Golden Era D-45 w/Brazilian rosewood.

Graham Nash Model:
2003 000-40Q2GN Graham Nash Sginature Edition
#128/147 w/Nash' & CFM IV's handwritten signature on the inside label stating this. Quilted mahogany top/back/sides, scalloped braces, blue paua sound ring, pearl peghead logo with pearl "winged heart" logo on peghead, Nash's signature inlaid in pearl at the end of the fingerboard, herringbone purf on the top, snowflake/slotted squares fingerboard inlay.