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1949 Vega Dual Grande Lap Steel


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1949 Vega Dual Grande Lap Steel
Here is a (ca) 1949 Vega Dual Grande double 'lap' steel in good condition.  The 1949 Vega catalog shows it without the push-button controls, so this is probably one of the first to feature them. Instead of a conventional tone pot, you have your choice of six different capacitor/resistor combinations (see photos). "Norm" goes straight to the jack without any roll-of.  Naturally, since this is all passive circuitry, there's some volume reduction as you move away from "Norm". Still, the single-coil pickups don't put out much hum and the the buttons actually do provide a nice range of tones. (They remind us of very old cash registers because they make a satisfying "ka-chunk" noise as you press them).
Plenty of lacquer checking, and one bridge cover plastic has a crack. It has an added bypass output jack and an on/off switch on the masonite bottom cover, both of which may not be original.  No case, 3 screw-in legs included.