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PreSonus SHK-1 Microphone Shock Mount

Experienced recordists know that mechanical handling noise and environmental vibrations are very easily picked up by sensitive microphones—and the low bumps and rumbles they create can ruin otherwise perfect recordings! Keep physical vibrations out of your microphone and ensure the best-possible recording quality with the SHK-1 shock mount. The SHK-1 isolates your microphone from the mechanical vibrations of the physical world—meaning when you record, you only have your voice or instrument to worry about.

  • Isolates your microphone from physical vibrations caused by both handling and unpredictable environmental factors, yielding cleaner audio recordings
  • Robust, industrial metal construction protects your mic from scratches while looking hot on-camera
  • Includes a hard stand mount and two shockmount cords
  • Compatible with the PreSonus® PX-1, M7, and other similarly-threaded microphones and standard mic stands.
  • Compatible with microphones up to 55 mm (2.15 inches) in diameter
  • ?Thread size is 22 mm x 1 TPI