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1965 National Westwood 77


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1965 National Westwood 77
1965 National Westwood 77 in good condition. Red finish, and plenty of wear. Replaced tailpiece, the SilverSound bridge pickup was was replaced with a Fishman Archtop bridge pickup. Non-original pickguard. Fingerboard binding is showing some cracks/wear, but the tuners and humbucking pickups are original.  Definitely a player's guitar- very cool!  From National's archives:

One of the rarer and more ornate Valco-made instruments to showcase their vaguely USA shaped "Map" body, the Westwood 77 features a solid mahogany body with a trio of pickups. These guitars feature two absolutely stunning sounding oversized single coil pickups and an additional hidden pickup located *inside* the compensated wooden bridge. This third pickup is known by the "Val-Trol" designation, which was National's term for this unique piezo style pickup. With individual volume and tone controls in the body adjacent to each pickup, the Westwood is an incredibly well designed tone machine, with a trio of distinct tones from the pickups that range from shimmering, acoustic-esque clean, to overwound single coil punch to smooth, mellow jazz tones at the neck.