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Children's Song Favorites


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Children's Song Favorites
Children's Song Favorites is a collection of 75 songs for children of all ages, most of them from the folk tradition. They have been collected over more than fifty years by a professional folk singer, who is also a mother and grandmother. Each song has the melody line, complete lyrics and suggested accompaniment chords for guitar or other instrument. Many of them are unusual? for example, all 13 verses of "The Three Blind Mice," "Hail to Britannia" (a British nursery rhyme song), and for older children, "Chopo, My Pony" (a cowboy song), "Old Thompson's Mule" (of minstrel origin) and "The Housewife's Lament." Audience requests have persuaded the author to include two pieces she has written?"The Doll Song" and "The Solution to Pollution." More than three-quarters of the songs involve audience participation, making this an ideal repertory resource for teachers and youth leaders. A few descriptive sentences, sometimes with suggestions for creative activity, precede each song. The songs are arranged alphabetically, and an extra table of contents lists the songs by categories: animals, cowboys and the West, creative activity, dance tunes, history, holidays, quiet time, and teaching. Although this book was designed primarily for children, the author regularly uses many of these songs with grown-up audiences.

Song List:

Aikin Drum 5 Johnny Sands 52
Alphabet Song, The 6 The Kicking Mule 54
Away, Idaho 7 Limerick Song 57
The Babes in the Woods 8 Little Pigs 58
Barnyard Song 9 Mister Fox 59
Betty Brady 10 Nickety Nackety 60
Bib-A-Lolly-Boo 12 Nick Nack Paddy Whack 61
Big-Eye Br’er Rabbit 11 Oats and Beans 62
Billy Grimes 16 Oh, Mother, How Pretty the Moon
The Bold Fisherman 14 Is Tonight 63
The Carrion Crow 17 Old Dan Tucker 64
Chopo, My Pony 18 Old Dumpty Moore 65
The Circus Song 20 Old Joe Clark 66
Cluck Old Hen 22 The Old Man Came Over the Lea 67
Cock Robin 23 Old Thompson’s Mule 68
Coulter’s Candy 24 Old Woman All Skin and Bones 70
The Crocodile Song 25 The Old Yellow Slicker I Wore on
The Darby Ram 26 the Range 71
The Deaf Woman’s Courtship 27 On Ilkla Moor Baht Hat 72
Down by the Bay 30 The Opossum 73
The Doll Song 28 Perrie Merrie Dixi Domini 74
Father Grumble 32 Polly Wolly Doodle 75
Five Times Five 31 Revolutionary Tea 76
The Fly 34 Robin-A-Thrush 77
Fod! 35 The Snow Bird 78
The Frog and the Crow 36 Soldier, Soldier 80
Frog He Would A-Wooing Go 37 The Solution to Pollution 82
Grandma’s Advice 38 The Swapping Song 83
The Greenland Whale Fishery 39 Three Blind Mice 84
Ground Hog 40 Three Craws 86
Hail to Britannia 41 Three Flies 87
Hi! Ho! The Rattlin’ Bog 42 Three Funny Maidens 90
Hole in the Bucket 44 Three Jovial Huntsmen 88
Honduran Lullaby 45 The Washing Day 91
The Housewife’s Lament 46 What Are Little Boys Made Of? 92
Hush, Little Baby 48 When I Was a Little Boy 93
In Good Old Colony Times 49 The Whizz Fish 94
Jennie Jenkins 50 Willie’s Lullaby 96
Jesus, Tender Shepherd 56