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First Lessons Piano

This beginning piano course introduces children or adult students to basic music notation and helps them build a solid foundation of piano skills. Theory and instruction appear alongside music examples in an integrated approach to learning. The play-along downloadable recording will help the student to develop a more musical approach and become more secure in both dynamics and rhythm. It is highly encouraged to use the play-along downloadable audio as much as possible. It contains model renditions of most of the pieces in the book as well as play-along accompaniments to make practicing more fun. After successful completion of this book the student will be well prepared for further piano studies in various styles of music. Includes access to online audio.

The Piano
The Pianist
The Keyboard
Grand Staff
Time Signature
C Position
Learning Notes
Keep Counting
Join Hands
Recital Piece
F Position
Exploring F Major
Practice in F
Loud and Soft
Change in Sound
Moving Fingers
Working Together
Together Again
Recital Piece in F
Back to C
G Position
The New Key of G
Put Your Fingers to Work
G Position (Left Hand an Octave Up)
Left Hand in High Position
Close Together
3/4 Time Signature
Count to Three
Three and Four and Jump
Eighth Notes
Eighth Note Practice
Two for One
Chord and Melody
Happy Song
Introducing F#
Crossing Over
New Note E
Catch the Sharp
Watch Out
Wave Running
Moving Around
New Note B
When the Saints Go Marching In
Deck the Halls
Angels We Have Heard on High
The Damper Pedal
Damper Practice
Mixing and Matching
Kind of Bluesy
Practice Every Day
Keep It Going
Moving On