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Easiest Blues Harp

Mel Bay's Easiest Blues Harp Book is the ideal way to get started playing today's blues harmonica styles. First, you will learn the basic techniques needed to play blues harp, such as lip blocking, single tone, bending, the slide, tremolo, and vibrato. Then, you'll play riffs, blues harp solos, and blues rhythm chord studies--all on the C harmonica.


"G" Blues       
"Now With A Friend", Smoke And Fire!       
Bounce Blues       
Dot Blues       
Down Blues       
Driven Blues       
Easy Blue       
Harmonica Shuffle       
House Of The Rising Sun       
Riff No. 1       
Riff No. 2       
Riff No. 3       
Shake It!       
Steppin' Blues       
Swing Blues       
Walking Boogie